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Using social media to market your business | Swenka Graphic Design

Let’s get social

Social media marketing is a relatively easy and inexpensive marketing tool to promote your website and business. It refers to all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and a growing list of other ways that people interact through the Internet.

The key function that all social media platforms have in common is the ability to “share” information with a networked audience.  This makes it possible for you to instantly share content (info) with a group of people. The group that you share with can be a select few people or thousands.

Being actively involved in social media can also help build links that people can click on to visit your website. This – in turn – will also support your SEO efforts, because Google and other search engines regard links to your site as “votes of confidence” in the quality of your site’s content.

Today, SEO and social are inseparable. Customers can just as easily find a company through Twitter as they can using Google — and those social media links are constantly busy boosting a company’s SEO signals. Search engines also index Facebook pages, so your FB page (and your posts) can mean more links back to your website – and even more credibility in the eyes of the search engines.

Make Social media work for your business

Almost like Google, Facebook is becoming a search portal for everything. If you have a Facebook page, it is a instant way of communicating to your audience. Use your Facebook page for promotions, product and service information, event information and much more. People like to know that your business is run by humans, and by having a FB page your customers can get involved on a more personal level with your business. Use your corporate identity image to create a Facebook logo and cover page to fit in with your brand’s look and feel.

A Facebook cover page and logo form part of Swenka’s “Large CI” package.

Twitter: Once your business has connected with your customers through Twitter, you will almost definitely be getting feedback on how you can improve your product, your services and maybe even your customer’s service. Listening to them will help you create a better customer experience and assure positive feedback.

You can also tweet about new deals and coupons codes to help give your company the extra boost. Everyone loves getting a good deal.

If your tweets are focused and topical, your search engine rankings will benefit. Positive retweets will improve your online reputation.

Use your corporate identity image to create a customized Twitter background that fits in with your brand look and feel.

A Twitter background will be designed for you as part of Swenka’s “Large CI” package.