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Traffic is good, clients are better – What is SEO?

Let’s face it, most of us would be lost without Google or one of the other search engines. It’s often the first place potential clients turn to when looking for products and services like yours. Google is also the ideal place for comparative shopping – weighing up one company against the next – so you’d better make sure your site is up there, way above your competitors in the search results pages.

How SEO helps customers find your website

If you want your website to “be found” on a search engine, it first of all has to be listed in the “index” of that search engine. That’s the only way that someone who is searching for your type of product will find a reference to your site in the search engine’s results pages.

The way to get indexed (and be shown, and be found by users looking for a certain item or “search keyword”) is by having your website properly optimized for search engines, through SEO. Good SEO works by helping Google succeed in its purpose of showing searchers where to find the most suitable websites for a specific item. And ultimately, by helping your clients find what they are looking for, SEO will help your business succeed.

If you own a gym in Centurion, you want to be found in Google when people search for “Gym in Centurion”.

For this reason the “way” your website content is written (not only the visible content) is vitally important for SEO.

Google does its best to help customers find your site

Those terribly nice spiders at search engines such as Google really do have web users’ best interest at heart. These helpful little robots are programmed to help people (like your customers) find the most relevant, high quality information online, in a click or two.

You can help the ever-obliging search crawlers in their quest – and grow the happiness of your customer base – by optimizing your website for indexing (or listing) by the search engines. This is SEO at its most basic.

If the search engine spiders detect that your website contains content that will be of use to people searching for specific items or topics, they will list your site near the top of the search engine results pages (SERPS) for that search keyword or phrase.

Sites that meet the search engines’ criteria of value, relevance and authority percolate to the top.

SEO helps Google to help your customers

Search engine optimization plays along nicely with the search spiders, by optimizing a website’s content to meet the “Aha! criteria” of these discerning little critters. They, in turn, crawl the web, governed by a complex set of algorithms (or mathematical instructions) which tell them how to evaluate a website for delivering content that a particular web user is searching for.

So how do you help the search engines to help your customers find your website near the top of the search engine results pages?

Besides the obvious need for a website to have sound technical backend-me-bobs in place, SEO has two broad components: on-site metrics (the steps you take on the site itself to effect search engine optimization) and off-site methods, such as ensuring inbound links from other high quality and content-relevant websites to yours.

Google loves pointing its users to sites that have quality writing and design

In on-site SEO, you populate your website with content that has grammatical and semantic integrity (well-written content in other words), relevance to the searcher’s objective (to what they’re searching for), and an easily navigable structure.

Off-site SEO measures are really promotional efforts. These include establishing backlinks to your site earned through active and meaningful participation in social media, listings in online directories that are pertinent and relevant to the subject of your site, and links from other (peer or complementary) sites.

SEO sets you up for website success. Ongoing SEO keeps your site high up in Google.

SEO is an ever-changing process that needs to keep up with the whims and algorithm changes of the search engines. (It is said that Google can change its algos – the complex metrics it uses to find what it deems relevant, authoritative and popular sites for its users – up to 600 times in one year! For this reason it is recommended that your site is Search Engine Optimized regularly.

Being effective at SEO demands being wide awake. It takes marketing savvy and hard work. But someone’s got to do it. Someone like an SEO copywriting expert – a professional who is in touch with the market, in tune with marketers, responsive to the whims of Google and not frightened by those helpful little search engine spiders.

Ask about our SEO service.

Why do I need SEO on my website?

Being found on Google is one of the most powerful business tools you can have today. Being on the first page drives web traffic and therefore sales and profit. SEO is far less expensive than traditional marketing method and investing in good SEO methods will bring you greater rewards – clicks from customers who are intent on finding what you can offer.

If they come to your site through a search, they’re most likely already in a buying frame of mind.

Befound SEO

Swenka believes in using only the best and sometimes that means partnering with specialised people. For all SEO and SEO copywriting Swenka turns to the expert Tino Ferreira from BefoundSEO. Combining the expertise of Swenka and BefoundSEO you will achieve greater visibility and excellent web performance.