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The importance of a well-designed logo.

When we think of successful brands such as Nike, Apple or Google, the visual that comes to mind is their logo. Successful logo creation for your company is important because that is how your client base will “see” you. Your logo will represent your business, its products or services and the quality and value it stands for. This is why unique logo creation is important for your business and its brand recognition. Whether you’re based in Gauteng or Guatemala, your logo design will be universally associated with your brand.

How to decide on a logo for your company.

Before starting the logo creation process one must take the following into account:
  • Your target market: Whom you are marketing to will greatly influence the look ‘n feel of your logo and brand. If you are dealing with a young female target market your logo will be fresh, current and feminine. This seems very obvious but sometimes companies don’t have a clear, distinct target market. Define your target market.
  • Application: Where will you use your logo? It is important to create a logo that’s practical for your application needs. If you are going to embroider the logo onto uniforms it must be clear and simple enough to still look good in an embroidered version. Think of the ways in which the logo will be rendered.
  • Unique: We often hear clients say “I want a logo like Nike or Apple”. Even if you copy their logo you will not have the same success as another company. To stand out from the masses you must be unique and be your own brand success story.
  • Keep it simple: This is the most important point of all. We all want to stand out and be memorable. Many companies think to be bigger, bolder and busy will make them stand out more. In fact in today’s oversaturated advertising world, to be simple and minimalistic is much more memorable and will make you stand out a lot more.

Questions and Answers

1. How long will Swenka take to create my logo?

The clarity and completeness of the information you provide Swenka will determine how quickly we can present you with a satisfactory logo design.
The following information will be helpful:

• A short overview of your company’s services/products
• Do you have a specific colour scheme in mind?
• Do you have a design style in mind? For example a 3D look, illustrative style or 2D simplistic style
• Any samples of logos you like or don’t like are always helpful.

2. What will I see to approve?

A minimum of three different logo designs with different variations in fonts and colours will be presented to you, usually within three working days.
Depending on your feedback, your logo design will be amended and finalized according to your instructions.

3. What will I receive once I’ve approved my logo design?

We’ll email you the approved logo in the following formats
• The original illustrator file .ai:
• EPS: Vector format

4. What is the logo design process?

Logos are created in three phases.
Phase 1. You send us your brief, we immerse ourselves in it and work our magic to come up with three different logo concepts. We’ll design font and colour variations for each
concept and mail the full presentation to you.

Phase 2. You approve the logo or suggest improvements and we incorporate those changes, but only within the parameters of effective logo design best practices. (We will not
present you with any design that – in our experienced opinion – will not work well.) If none of the presented logos desiged in Phase 1 are according to your vision, two new unique
logos will be created. Please supply Swenka with a clear and specific reasons why the first presented logos are not working for you, and give a clear direction to where the new
creations must be aimed at.

Phase 3. This is where we apply any fine-tuning to create the perfect logo for your brand. Swenka will always try to present you with the best possible logo options. We strive to
make our clients 100% happy. After all, we want you to be proud of your logo and show it off.

5. What will the logo design cost?