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What is a Corporate Identity and why do you need one?

Corporate Identity is not just a fancy logo. It’s not just snazzy stationery. Corporate ID is the complete image created by your company’s business philosophy. For this reason your brand’s identity must be captured in all your visual elements. A company’s corporate identity is the group of attributes and values a company has: its “personality”.

What are the parts of a Corporate Identity?

Designing a corporate identity usually starts with the logo. A unique mark or symbol that represents the brand. The rest of the identity and business stationery should follow the same “look and feel” as your logo to form a strong and uniform corporate identity. Once the corporate identity has been created, a set of “rules” must be put in place for all the other visual elements of your business. This is done by means of a corporate identity manual, also known as a corporate style guide, or brand guide. The document lists the rules and examples of do’s and don’t’s to ensure that a consistent communication style will be developed and that the elements of your brand will be instantly recognised by your customers. Your corporate identity portfolio can include:
  • business card design
  • letterhead design
  • email signature
  • PowerPoint presentation template
  • folders
  • envelopes,
  • and any other business stationery.

What to keep in mind when creating your company Corporate Identity.

It is important to create elements and a core design that can be applied to all your branding in a cohesive and simple way. Bigger and bolder is not necessary better and won’t make you stand out in the clutter.

Questions and Answers

What will be the process when Swenka creates my Corporate Identity?

Firstly your logo will be created. We will need to finalise your logo before designing the rest of your stationery. See the Logo design page for more info and logo creation.

What will be presented to me?

A PDF presentation with two different corporate identity styles, showing all your stationery elements will be presented to you.

How long will it take?

Once the logo has been approved, you will receive your corporate identity presentation within two working days.

What will I receive after everything has been approved?

Logo files:
• The orginal illustrator file .ai:
• EPS: Vector format

Letterhead files:
• A Word document with a JPEG header and footer. You will be able to update all the information In the Word document. Only the graphic elements will be in JPREG format.
• Print ready PDF.

Business card design
• Print ready PDF.
• Note: Because a business card can’t be prepared in a Word document as a print ready file for printers, it is unfortunately not possible to supply business card designs in Word format.

Email signature

PowerPoint presentation template
• Jpegs of all the slide elements.
• A PowerPoint with a cover page design, a follow up page and a “Thank you” page design

Folder design:
• Print ready PDF

Facebook logo and cover page
• JPEG and or PNG

Twitter page background
• JPEG and or PNG

What will my corporate ID design cost?